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How to create a bohemian pendant light

Follow this tutorial to create a beautiful linen pendant lamp with Bostik Fix & Flash glue.

Step 1: Cutting rattan

Disclaimer: We have launched a new and improved version of Fix & Flash. Please note this guide was created using the previous model but is still suitable for the new version. Browse the new Fix & Flash today.

Cut 4 pieces of rattan:

  • Two pieces of about 1.4 metres: these will form the two horizontal hoops.
  • Two pieces of about 1.9 metres: these will form the vertical hoops

Step 2: Soak the rattan

Soak the rattan in water for 20 minutes to give them the desired circular shape. The thicker your rattan, the longer it will need to be soaked for. Be careful not to let the rattan soak too much, otherwise it may discolour.

Step 3: Folding

While the rattan is still wet, fold it very gently.

Step 4: Apply glue

Apply a bead of glue on the ends of each piece to create loops. Flash the light on the applied glue for 15 seconds.

Step 5: Interlock

Interlock one of the vertical loops into the other to form a sort of cross.

Step 6: Loops

Place the horizontal loops around this cross, as shown.

Step 7: Keep the loops in position

Keep the loops in position using a bead of Fix & Flash glue at each intersection.

Step 8: Cover the entire rattan

Cover the entire rattan structure with fabric. Cut a piece of about 1.4 metres x 1.4 metres, and tie the ends above and below the structure.

Step 9: Result

Finally, use two small hose clamps to hang your light shade around a suspended bulb.

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