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Cake stand and vase | DIY BOSTIK

Create your own cake stand and vase for a party table with Bostik Fix & Flash glue.

Step 1 : Clean and dry

Make sure your dishes are clean and dry. Turn over the glass and apply a drop of Bostik Fix & Flash glue on the base. Place a large plate on the base of the glass.

Step 2 : Stick

Flash the light for 15 seconds on the edges of the bottom of the glass.

To make a second level on the tray, you need a slightly smaller glass and a small plate. Repeat the steps.

Step 3 : Repeat

To make a smaller stand, simply, take a small plate and a small glass, or a bowl, and repeat the same steps as for the first stand.

Step 4 : Stick

For the vase, you need 2 glasses. It does not matter if they are the same height, but it is especially important that the bases are of the same diameter. Simply repeat the previous steps.

Step 5 : Display

Display your beautiful creation.