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Don’t know what to do with the empty bottles that have accumulated in your home? Here’s a simple way to prettify them and use them to make your tablescape extra special.

Step 1: Prepare

Cut your ribbons and mesh to the length needed to wrap them around your bottles, adding a half-inch for the Glu Dots.

Step 2: Check

Make sure your mesh is wide enough to cover your bottle’s body. Trim as needed.

Step 3: Wrap

Apply Bostik Glu Dots on one end of the mesh then wrap the mesh around the small bottle so the ends overlap.

Step 4: Repeat

Do the same with the ribbon, over the mesh.

Step 5: Connect

Take your ribbons and apply Glu Dots on one end of each strip. Secure them around the lower part of your tall bottle. Mix and match the widths and colors of ribbons, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Step 6: Set

Put your plant cuttings or flowers in the bottles. Set the bottles in the middle of your table. Add candles, if you wish.


Instead of mesh, you can use printed paper, burlap or pretty fabric. These decorative bottles can also brighten up your corner table.

Glu-Dots is available in our ecommerce stores.