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10/01/2022 - Blogs


Bostik DIY Australia blog blu tack hacks banner image
Blu Tack® is an everyday hero, with so many different uses! Discover some of the lesser-known ways it saves the day.

As the ultimate cleaning accessory, we loved this hack where Blu Tack® keeps the outlet of the gas bottle free from dust and bugs during winter. Our most filthy of hacks though, is cleaning headphones. It's malleability allows it to get right into the corners and pull out the earwax and fluff – not for the faint hearted (or stomached!).

As for fashion accessories, we have heard of people using Blu Tack® as ear plugs for swimming, or holding in false teeth – but we would not recommend this! (even though it’s non-toxic)

We know how many headaches our glue stick lids getting lost in the classroom causes, and another pet peeve is paint lids going missing – did you know you can use a blob of your pal to secure the lid? Another tip for the schoolyard is if your eraser is swiped, Blu Tack® can act as your substitute.

Finally, Blu Tack® is our cheapest babysitter; you can find awesome crafts involving the iconic product here. It is always safe to have a pack in the third draw down to meet any household challenge – we know one employee whose mum is currently using it to fill the gaps in a cracked sink!

Do you have a Blu Tack® hack? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram so we can share it.