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A technologically advanced paste, formulated to remove fresh or old silicone.

Product overview

Silicone Stripper is suitable to use on sanitary ware, glass, metal, enamel, concrete, plaster, plastics and textiles. Ideal for removing cured silicone smudges, spills and finger prints from poor workmanship. Silicone Stripper can also be used to remove mould growth from the surface of silicones.

It may stain some metal surfaces so we recommend testing a small area prior to application. May cause wood substrates to darken and may soften painted or varnished surfaces and some fabrics (e.g. Nylon). 


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Silicone Stripper is flammable. Always work in a ventilated area. Do not breathe in vapours. Avoid exposing product to any ignition sources. Do not smoke when working with Bostik Silicone Stripper. It is advisable to wear gloves in order to avoid direct contact with the skin.

  • Protect areas that are not covered in silicone with masking tape in order to reduce the risk of staining or damage.
  • Removing excess silicone with a knife or blade will reduce the stripping time.
  • Remove cap from tube and pierce seal with reverse side of cap.
  • Apply a thick layer of Bostik Silicone Stripper to the desired area and leave for 2 to 12 hours, depending on the thickness of the silicone.
  • Covering with a plastic sheet will enhance performance.
  • Remove softened sealant with a hard plastic scraper or spatula.
  • Thin films can simply be wiped away with a damp cloth.
  • Reapplication may be needed for thicker silicone layers.
  • Bostik Silicone Stripper can be cleaned with turpentine, paraffin or water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cured sealant must be removed mechanically with a sharp knife or chemically with Bostik Silicone Stripper. Always test on a small surface first.

No. Alcohol based cleaners should not be used for cleaning surfaces as alcohol inhibits the cure of silicones. Soaps or detergents used to clean the surface must be rinsed away thoroughly with clean water to ensure that all traces of the soaps are removed before sealing.