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A square silicone and grout applicator.

Product overview

This is a great tool to use when applying silicone or grout to a surface to ensure a smooth even surface and no wastage. Suitable for grouting and sealing around sinks, basins, baths, showers, toilets and taps. Made from a durable and flexible material.



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Remove old silicone using Bostik Silicone Stripper. Apply silicone to the area to be sealed. It's recommended to work on 30cm sections at a time. Position tool against both surfaces. Using even pressure, slide tool along the silicone line until you achieve the perfect finish. Clean excess uncured silicone from tool with turpentine or paraffin. Store tool for future use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Uncured silicone can be removed from the hands or tools using a clean solvent soaked cloth, e.g. turpentine or paraffin. If removing uncured silicone from clothing, check fabric colour fastness before applying solvents.

Cured sealant must be removed mechanically with a sharp knife or chemically with Bostik Silicone Stripper. Always test on a small surface first.

Wet and dried adhesive on applicator tools can be cleaned with acetone, thinners or parrafin. Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet of the specific product for more information.