Ocean notebook

How to make a beautiful Ocean Notebook. Use our Bostik Paper Glue and glitter to create a playful underwater effect. Perfect as a gift to your best friend!


STEP 1: Print & colour

Print templates on the 2 x cardboard sheets. Ensure you print them out in landscape format. Colour in your templates as illustrated on the photo using Bostik Wax Twisters.

STEP 2: Cut

Cut out the inside of the bottle on your front cover template.

STEP 3: Fill

Pour about half a bottle of Bostik Paper Glue into the ziplock bag.

STEP 4: Glitter

Add some glitter and stars to the Paper Glue in the bag. Don't use too much glitter as you will not be able to see the ocean in the background. Push out the air bubbles and seal the ziplock bag. 

STEP 5: Assemble

Fold both cardboard sheets in half to create an A5 booklet. Stick double sided tape around the inside cover's bottle (ocean). Stick the glitter bag covering the bottle of the inside cover. Ensure you cover the entire bottle and that it fits into the window of the front cover.

STEP 6: Assemble

Glue the rest of the page using a glue stick.

STEP 7: Glue

Glue the two pages together to create the frame.

STEP 8: Fold

Fold your normal sheets in half and bind them together using a stapler. You can use 5 - 10 sheets depending on the strenght of your stapler.

STEP 9: Glue

Glue the sheets to the cover creating a beautiful Ocean Notebook. You can use double sided tape or a glue stick to stick the pages down. 

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