Low temp glue gun for delicate substrates in craft projects and floristry



Includes 2 x 100ml glue sticks

Features & benefits

Bostik Craft Cool Melt Glue Gun provides a strong bond on most materials in seconds, with the lowest possible glue melt temperature. It's ideal for craft projects including delicate substrates, as well as floristry and model making. Its trigger control and constant thermostatic temperature allow for easy application.

Bostik Craft Cool Melt Glue Sticks (pack of 26) also available.

  • Low temp glue gun for craft projects and floristry
  • Ideal for delicate substrates such as polystyrene, stryo-foam, thin fabrics, films or plastics, foil, ribbon and flowers
  • Ultra strong, fast-setting and long-lasting bond
  • Easy trigger action, constant thermostatic control, safety warning light and retractable stand
  • Operates between +125°C to +135°C
  • Includes 2 cool glue gun sticks

Technical information

Bostik DIY United Kingdom Create - Craft Cool Melt Glue Gun Technical Data Sheet (288.58 KB)

The file is stored on an external website, please follow the link

How to use


Fit the metal stand onto the front of the Cool Melt Glue Gun in the slots by the nozzle

Load a Bostik Craft Cool Melt Glue Stick through the grip ring at the rear of the gun and press the trigger several times until the stick is positioned firmly in the gun

Plug in the gun and a light will come on at the rear to indicate that it is in operation. Then, rest the gun on its stand and allow to warm up for approximately 5 minutes Ensure surfaces to be bonded are clean and dry


Press trigger until adhesive flows from nozzle. To ensure a continuous flow of glue, insert further glue sticks into the rear of the gun and wait a few minutes until the stick has heated to the correct temperature. DO NOT FORCE THE TRIGGER

Apply adhesive to one surface. Press surfaces together within 15 seconds. Use of clamp or other holding device is not necessary

Unplug Cool Melt Glue Gun when finished and allow to cool before storing. Surplus glue stick may be trimmed off using a sharp knife. Do not pull glue sticks from the back of the gun as damage may occur

How to remove cool melt glue

The adhesive can only be removed mechanically once cured by scraping carefully with a blade edge.

A residual thin film will remain which can then be removed using a solvent cleaner.

Sensitive surfaces may be damaged by the hot adhesive or by the solvents used in the cleaning process. Always carry out a test before attempting removal.


Is the glue from a glue gun waterproof?

Yes - adhesive from a glue gun is waterproof. It is extremely water resistant and can deal with varying temperatures, other solvents and even eroding, making it a long-lasting, ultra strong adhesive.

Are glue gun sticks toxic?

The fumes that glue guns can release are very rarely toxic but can sometimes be irritating for those who suffer from respiratory problems. Take care when using the glue guns as like most organic fumes, there is a possibility they could ignite depending on the environment they are used in.

How long do glue guns last?

A glue gun’s lifespan can vary depending on its use. Sometimes, a glue gun can stop working due to a glue stick being jammed or stuck in the gun, causing a blockage in the nozzle. Ensure you are always using the right glue sticks for your glue gun to avoid this problem.

Can I use any glue sticks with my glue gun?

No - using the wrong glue sticks could block and damage your Bostik glue gun. We have three variations of glue gun, Handy Hot Melt Glue Gun, DIY Hot Melt Glue Gun and Craft Cool Melt Glue Gun and each of our glue guns have specific glue sticks that are available. 

Bostik glue gun sticks are sold as individual packs of 14 Hot Melt Glue Sticks or 26 Cool Melt Glue Sticks.

What is the difference between a hot melt glue gun and cool melt glue gun?

The Bostik Handy Hot Melt Glue Gun and DIY Hot Melt Glue Gun operates at a high temperature and is great for providing an ultra strong, long-lasting bond for challenging materials such as polypropylene, plastics, ABS, acrylics and even metals. 

The Bostik Craft Cool Melt Glue Gun operates at a lower temperature and is commonly used for bonding heat-sensitive materials such as styro-foam, ribbon and polystyrene, which a hot glue gun could melt. Plus, with being cooler, they can be safer to use, which is great for younger crafters or in school environments.

How can you remove a glue stick from a glue gun?

If you haven't used all of the glue stick that you inserted into the glue gun, do not try to remove it. Removing the glue stick could damage the internal components of the gun - regardless if the adhesive is runny or hard.

Simply leave the glue stick in the glue gun until you use it again. Surplus glue stick may be trimmed off using a sharp knife.

When the glue stick is almost gone, you can insert another stick and continue to use the glue gun as normal.


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