How to fix ripped jeans with fabric glue and a decorative patch

Noticed a hole in your favourite pair of jeans? No matter how careful you are, all clothing will wear over time and rips or holes can be inevitable - especially in children's jeans.

Throwing your damaged clothes away is a waste of hard-earned cash and bad for the environment. Even recycling isn't as good as repairing, because repairs save valuable resources and money.

Instead of worrying about buying new or learning how to sew your ripped jeans back together, there is an easy way to jazz up your old damaged jeans using a decorative patch and Bostik Fabric Glue.

Discover our step-by-step tutorial for how to fix ripped jeans…

What is Fabric Glue?

Bostik Fabric Glue is a no-sew adhesive solution that’s ultra strong and long-lasting. It has been specially designed to work brilliantly on all textiles delivering a permanent yet flexible bond on porous fabrics such as denim, cotton, linen, felt, leather, PVC and many more.

Our fabric glue is ideal for many fabric repairs and crafts as it has a low odour, is easy-to-use and easily washes off fingers, which is why it’s often referred to as the go-to glue for clothes.

Why use Bostik Fabric Glue?

One of the key benefits of Bostik Fabric Glue is that it remains flexible, just like fabric itself, making it the perfect glue for jeans. It is also water-resistant so it can cope with being machine-washed and tumble-dried and it’s even safe to iron.

  • Ultra strong, long-lasting
  • Instant, flexible bond
  • Machine washable and safe to iron
  • Dries clear

So, now you know what fabric glue is and why it's such a staple for repairing ripped jeans, let's get into the step-by-step tutorial…

How to repair ripped jeans using a decorative patch and fabric glue

Note: For this particular repair, we've chosen to use a decorative patch to turn old jeans into your new, go-to funky legwear. Depending on the location of your rip, this will determine if you want to repair your jeans with a more subtle patch, such as in the matching shade of denim, or if you can be bold and use a statement patch.

The essentials for fixing a rip in your jeans:

  • Bostik Fabric Glue
  • Decorative patch or denim patch (big enough to cover the hole)
  • Old newspaper or similar
  • Scissors (Fine sewing scissors are best, but not essential)


  • Pinking scissors

Step 1: Be prepared

Before you use Bostik Fabric Glue, remember to protect the work area from accidental drips with an old newspaper or something similar.

You should also ensure that the fabrics to be bonded are clean and dry. Trim away any stray threads or fibres from the ripped area of the jeans.

Spread the torn area flat and insert a piece of clean newspaper into the leg of jeans so that it sits neatly under the rip.

Step 2: Apply your fabric glue

Unscrew the Bostik Fabric Glue cap and use the top to pierce the tube. Apply a small amount of fabric mending glue around the torn area on your jeans. Be careful not to apply the glue directly in the hole.

Then, pick up your chosen decorative patch and apply the Fabric Glue to the back of the patch, focusing the adhesive around the edge.

Step 3: Press patch into place

Carefully and immediately press the decorative patch onto the jeans to cover the rip. Hold for a few seconds to help form the initial bond.

Then, leave your repair to dry for a full 24 hour period before wearing or washing.

Step 4: You've learnt how to fix ripped jeans

That’s it. You’ve discovered how to fix ripped jeans using a decorative patch and our washable Fabric Glue. You’re now an everyday #REPAIRHERO - don’t bin it, fix it!

Clean up time

  • Spills should be tackled immediately as dried Fabric Glue is very difficult to remove from fabrics because it is designed to stay in place.
  • Wet Fabric Glue on fabrics and porous surfaces should be quickly washed with warm soapy water. Repeat if necessary, with fresh warm soapy water, then rinse and dry.
  • Dried Fabric Glue on smooth, non-porous surfaces can be rubbed off or cleaned with warm soapy water.

For full cleaning instructions, please refer to the Bostik Fabric Glue technical data sheet.

Other uses for Fabric Glue

Bostik Fabric Glue is great at breathing new life into old clothes, not just repairing a tear in your favourite pair of jeans. It can be used in so many helpful and creative ways:

  • Clothing (for hems, trouser turn-ups, pockets, and repairing worn sleeves)
  • Labelling (for attaching labels & badges to children’s clothes)
  • Furnishings (for taking up curtain hems, attaching pelmets and decorating soft furnishings)
  • Buttons (a drop of Bostik Fabric Glue applied to buttons stops them unthreading)
  • Shoelaces and other garment ties (when lace ends fray, take a small amount of Bostik Fabric Glue and quickly roll on to the end of your lace)
  • Tears (repair torn fabric using a patch, apply Bostik Fabric Glue to the inside of the garment and to the patch then smooth it into place)

If there’s a repair or DIY job that needs doing in your home, you can bet there’s a specially designed glue that’ll make it easy to do, and surprisingly satisfying too. Bostik has expertly designed glues for many materials, from fabric to leather to soft plastics to metal and more. Shop the full range today!

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