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07/12/2021 - Blogs


Bostik DIY New Zealand Christmas Banner
Christmas is almost here and Bostik wants to help you get into the festive spirit. 

Below are a few fun and creative ideas for making Christmas just a little bit more special this year. 

DIY arts and crafts with the family is always so much fun, even more so when it’s Christmas themed. So get out the red and green and let’s get crafting!

DIY Christmas Wreath 

Create a bespoke Christmas wreath that can hang proudly on your front door. 

What you’ll need: Some wire, fake flowers and foliage, and a Bostik Hot Melt Glue gun. 

Step one – Wind wire into a circle and secure

Step two – Tuck the ends of the garland into the wire and adhere with a hot glue gun

Step three - Arrange faux flowers on garland

Step four - Adhere flower arrangement with hot glue gun and ta-da! 

Make your own Christmas tree decorations

Give your Christmas tree a personal touch this year with a home-made Christmas decoration. This is a great family activity to help get the kids into the festive spirit, and they will love seeing their special ornament hung on the tree.

What you’ll need: Coloured ice cream sticks, pom poms, pipe cleaners, yarn and the Bostik Hot Melt Glue Gun or Bostik Glu Dots

Step one - Gather three popsicle sticks, trimming the ends of one. Glue all three together with your glue gun to form a triangle.

Step two – Create a loop with a 10cm strip of yarn and attach to the top of the triangle with your glue gun.

Step three - Decorate with pom poms and pipe cleaners to add festive spirit, then hang on tree!

Christmas Wrapping made easy 

Achieve the most perfectly wrapped Christmas presents with no ugly tape visible for all to see. 

What you’ll need: Wrapping paper, ribbon and Bostik Glu Dots 

Step one – Cut your wrapping paper to the desired size 

Step two – Start wrapping your presents and seal together use the Bostik Glu Dots 

Step three – Tie with a ribbon and put under your tree!