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How to remove super glue from furniture?

Sometimes, when we glue something in a hurry, we accidentally damage the desk, table top or other wooden piece of furniture with glue. These spots are usually very visible and look very unsightly after drying. We definitely can't leave them like that! What to do in such a situation? Entrust this task to a specialist or maybe replace the furniture with new ones? But what if the purchase involves a large expense? You don't have to think about it anymore, because none of these solutions will be necessary! Discover our quick and easy ways to remove glue from furniture!

How to prepare for glue removal?

You won’t need specialized tools or many chemicals to remove glue from wood.

If the damaged piece of furniture is small in size and you can easily move it, prepare a clean and flat surface on which you can put it and proceed to removing the glue. For example, a desk or table will be great for this.

If the piece of furniture is too heavy to handle, prepare enough space, remove any unnecessary elements around, so that you have easy access to it.

Then carefully inspect the furniture to determine all the places affected with glue.

How to remove glue from furniture?

To remove the glue will need:

  • scraper
  • two cloths
  • acetone or other acetone-based agent
  • rubber gloves

Depending on the degree of damage and whether the trace of glue has already dried, it’s possible that only some of methods below may be enough to remove it. You will learn about all this in a moment.

How to remove glue from wood?

To remove glue from furniture:

  • Use a scraper, carefully removing excess glue with it. To do this, we hold the furniture with one hand, and with the other we carefully but firmly scrape off the remains of glue. At the same time, be careful not to accidentally scrape off the paint or wood layer.
  • Removing all the glue with a scraper is often associated with the risk of damage to the furniture. Therefore, it is safer to clean the last layer of glue with acetone. Before applying it, clean off the previously scraped adhesive residues, so that the surface of the furniture is clean again.
  • Then put on rubber gloves and moisten the cloth with a small amount of acetone. Gently wipe the surface to be cleaned.
  • Before using acetone, it is worth testing its operation on a small, hardly visible surface to make sure that it will not damage the furniture being cleaned.
  • After removing the glue with acetone, reach for a second cloth and wipe the surface dry.

And you're done! You can confidently use even the most durable glue without worrying about your furniture!