Use Blu Stik and Blu Tack to create your favourite superheros


Step 1

Print the template, put your art smock on and find a clean surface to work on. Blu Tack the cape template to a piece of superhero coloured card. Cut around the template. Once cut out, remove the template and Blu Tack.

Step 2

Use the Blu Stik to glue the boots and hair template to your chosen colour card. Cut out a rectangle from the coloured paper big enough to fit the googley eyes into. Use the Clag Kids PVA to glue the eyes and mask.

Step 3

"Make the arms by wrapping a pipe cleaner around the stick, from front to back, twisting the ends together to keep it in place. Cut if arms are too long, then use Clag Kids PVA to stick:

  • Only the top section of the cape to the back of the stick
  • The hair and mask with googly eyes to the top of the stick
  • The boots at the bottom
  • That looks SUPER FANTASTIC!"
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