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Double sided tape for decoration of gifts.

Product overview

Bostik Glu Tape is a versatile, acid free, high quality, paper thin, double sided tape with aggressive tack that comes in an easy to use dispenser – so no scissors required. Ideal for non-visible attachment of posters and photos. The double sided tape is an alternative to paper glue. Bonds to most materials like paper, card, ribbon, material, foil, glass, metal, wood and plastics. For precise and permanent gluing of paper and photos, this product is ideal for home, school or DIY projects. It can also be used for scrapbooking, gift wrapping, sealing of small boxes, labelling of files, art and crafts, handicraft and decorative work. The Glu Tape is perfect for sticking ribbons to gift decorations and wrapping paper.

Not for heavy duty use. It may damage fragile papers on removal as it has a strong tack and it is not suitable where heat resistance is required.



6mm x 5m
  • Bostik DIY South Africa Badge Acid free
  • Bostik DIY South Africa Badge Non toxic
  • Bostik DIY South Africa Badge Suitable for most materials
    Suitable for most materials
  • Bostik DIY South Africa Badge Odourless
  • Bostik DIY South Africa Badge Non wrinkling
  • Bostik DIY South Africa Badge Easy to apply
    Easy to apply

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  • Ensure that surfaces are clean, dry and free of any dust, grease and loose materials.
  • Flip the protective cap open.
  • Press roller down on flat surface and drag the mouse backwards in a straight line.
  • Align the surfaces and gently press together. Once surfaces meet, the tape is not repositionable.
  • Close protective cap when finished.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adhesive residue from most sticky tapes can be removed with acetone. Always test a small area first.

Before applying glue, ensure that all surfaces are of sound nature and clean, dry and free from dust, grease or any other contamination.