Ultra strong, solvent-free, odourless super glue gel



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Features & benefits

Bostik Fix & Glue Gel utilises the latest technology in super glues to create a solvent-free, non-toxic, odourless super glue gel.

It's ultra strong, fast-setting, and works on 99.9% of materials including plastic, wood, paper, porcelain, leather, rubber, metal, glass, mirror, fabrics, rigid plastic, ceramics, brick, stone, and more.

This fix all glue gel is easy-to-use and offers the most advanced technology in super glues today. It's slightly flexible meaning it can resist knocks and drops, whilst being water and heat resistant. Plus, its safer formulation means it has no hazard warnings on pack.

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  • Ultra strong and fast setting, yet does not stick your fingers together immediately
  • The super glue gel formula is slightly flexible so it resists knocks and drops
  • Ideal for use on vertical and porous surfaces
  • Safer formulation with no hazard warnings on pack
  • Easy-to-use, odourless and solvent-free
  • Water-resistant, shock-proof, and resistant to extreme temperatures (-20°C to +80°C)
  • Bonds 99.9% of materials
  • Anti-drying cap

Technical information

Bostik DIY United Kingdom Repair - Fix Glue Gel technical data sheet (503.49 KB)

The file is stored on an external website, please follow the link

How to use

For best results, ensure surfaces are dry, clean and free from dust and grease

  1. Carefully apply a small amount of the super glue gel to one of the surfaces to be bonded
  2. Hold both surfaces together and press firmly for a few seconds
  3. For better storage, wipe the tip after use to ensure excess product is removed


Bostik Fix & Glue Gel will last 12 months if stored unopened in original packaging at +20°C. Once opened, the product will last for several months if stored vertically, away from light, frost and moisture


Do I need a super glue gel or a super glue liquid?

A super glue liquid has a low viscosity, meaning the liquid flows easily. This type of formula is great for filling horizontal surface cracks and fractures where the adhesive can flow into the cracks. We have three types available: Super Glue Liquid, Super Glue Easy Flow and Fix & Glue Liquid

A super glue gel has a higher viscosity, making it less 'runny' and less likely to drip. Gels are ideal for vertical application and for porous surfaces and tend to be easier to apply as they are harder to spill. We have two types available: Super Glue Non-Drip Gel and Fix & Glue Gel.

Is super glue flammable?

All Bostik super glues are non-flammable meaning they do not readily catch fire and do not burn easily.

Is super glue waterproof?

All Bostik super glues are not waterproof and therefore we cannot recommend that they are safe for use in or around water.

Fix & Glue Gel and Fix & Glue Liquid are water-resistant meaning water has minimal effect on them, although we do not recommend using them in water-related projects.

Is super glue heat resistant?

Yes, all Bostik super glues are heat resistant up to +80°C.

Safety warning: Persistent heat may affect the strength and longevity of the bond and therefore should be avoided.

Does super glue work in the cold?

Yes, all Bostik super glues remain highly effective providing a strong, long-lasting bond in the cold, including temperatures as low as -20°C.

How do I prepare the surfaces to be glued?

Before applying glue, ensure that all surfaces are of sound nature and clean, dry and free from dust, grease or any other contamination.

I’ve spilt Fix & Glue on my work surface, how do I remove it?

Wipe the affected area with an acetone dampened cloth or nail polish remover containing acetone.

There is glue on my fingers and I can't remove it, what should I do?

Rinse your fingers immediately with plenty of warm soapy water and do not pull on the skin that has been glued. If glue remains after using warm soapy water, it will often de-bond within a couple of days due to general wear and tear and the natural oils in the skin. If skin irritation occurs, consult a doctor.

What is the shelf life of the adhesive I have bought and where can I store it?

The shelf life of adhesives varies from product to product, but typically ranges between one and two years from the date of manufacture when unopened and stored correctly in dry conditions - usually between +5°C and +25°C. Once opened, the life of the product will be more limited – this is dictated by variables including the type of adhesive, how it is stored, and how much adhesive is left unused. For more information, refer to the product’s Technical Data Sheet.

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