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How to remove super glue from skin

Super glues are ultra strong, rapid-setting adhesives used to bond most materials in a matter of seconds. However, if you choose to repair something when in a rush, you may not prepare for the job as well as you should do and can neglect following all the correct steps. You might get our broken item glued – but could just as easily end up with super glue on your fingers.

Picture the scene, you’re rushing to make dinner after work, and you see that the handle on your kitchen cupboard is coming loose. You grab your Bostik Super Glue and quickly get to work and within a few moments, the handle is as good as new. However, as you tidy up, you realise that in your haste you managed to get some glue on your fingers. When mistakes happen, use our simple step-by-step guide and discover the best way to remove super glue from skin.

Everything you need to remove super glue from skin


  • Warm soapy water
  • A hand towel
  • A mild food oil, such as olive oil
  • Kitchen paper or cotton pads 

Got super glue on your clothes? Follow our step-by-step guide to easily remove super glue from your clothes.

Step-by-step to remove super glue from skin

One of the biggest helpers to get super glue off skin is to act quickly. The faster you can start to remove the glue from the affected area, the better.

Step 1: Soak it

Start by soaking the affected area in warm, soapy water for a few minutes. After that, gently scrub with a nail brush or similar. Then rinse and dry your hands. The glue should start to peel away from the skin. Gently attempt to lift it off, stopping straight away if it hurts.

Step 2: Oil it

The next day, if some super glue is still on your skin, apply a mild food oil such as olive oil to a folded piece of kitchen paper or a cotton pad and gently rub it against the affected area. Then wash and dry your hands. The glue should start to peel away from the skin.

Step 3: Repeat it

Repeat step 1 and 2 as often as you need to get the super glue off your skin. To help avoid future accidents, follow our steps for how to super glue it right...

Glue it right

How to use super glue - without getting it on your skin!

  1. Start with a protected work surface. You may also want to use an apron and rubber gloves
  2. Ensure that the surfaces to be glued are dry, clean and free from dust and grease
  3. Ensure the tube is held upright and pointing away from you
  4. Avoiding skin contact, apply a small amount of super glue to one surface only
  5. Bring the two surfaces together and hold firmly for approximately 30 seconds
  6. Replace the cap firmly after use

Which super glue is right for the job?

Our range of super glues contains three variations to suit your repair needs:

  • Bostik Super Glue Liquid comes in a tube with precision nozzle for ease of application and is the classic super glue formula with a low viscosity, meaning the liquid flows easily. This formula is great for filling horizontal surface cracks where the adhesive can easily flow.
  • Bostik Super Glue Easy Flow comes in a bottle with a precision nozzle for controlled flow and is perfect for filling horizontal surfaces cracks and fractures of the smallest nature.
  • Bostik Super Glue Non-Drip Gel comes in a tube with a precision nozzle for ease of application and is a non-drip gel formula with a high viscosity, meaning it is ‘less runny’ and less likely to drip. This formula makes it ideal for porous and vertical surfaces. Plus, gel super glues can also be easier to apply as they are harder to spill.
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