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This document is an accessibility assessment based on RGAA Version 4.1(Référentiel Général d'Amélioration de l'Accessibilité) This accessibility audit has been realised by Matthieu Marseille from Ekino and for Bostik DIY.

Accessibility assessment

Bostik commits to making its web sites accessible in compliance with article 47 of the French law n°2005-102 of 11 February 2005.
For this purpose, Bostik DIY implements the strategy and the following actions:

  • Bostik DYI multi-year accessibility plan : in construction
  • This accessibility assessment applies to diy.bostik.com

Evaluation Results

  • Based on an evaluation done by Ekino, diy.bostik.com meets :
  • 35 % of accessibility criteria from RGAA version 4.1
  • The website conformity rate is 63,5 %

Compliance Status

With 35% of the criteria respected, the site is currently non-compliant.

Non-Conforming Contents

All the non-conforming components of this audit review are identified and taken into account

Review process

This review was conducted on June 1st 2022.

Technologies used on the site are the following :

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Drupal (Content Management System)

Testing environment

The review was conducted using the tool and assistive technologies combination provided by the RGAA framework, using the following versions: Chrome + VoiceOver

Tools use to evaluate

  • Google Chrome v102
  • Firefox v100
  • Colour Contrast Analyser
  • W3C HTML Validator
  • Wave
  • WebTools

Pages included in the review

  • https://diy.bostik.com/en-UK
  • https://diy.bostik.com/fr-FR/nos-produits/coller-et-reparer
  • https://diy.bostik.com/en-UK/products/repair-assembly/fix-flash
  • https://diy.bostik.com/en-AU/ideas-stick/diy-solar-oven
  • https://diy.bostik.com/en-UK/how-tos/how-glue-metal-metal
  • https://diy.bostik.com/en-UK/frequently-asked-questions
  • https://diy.bostik.com/en-ZA/contact-bostik-south-africa


If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot access a content or service due to a disability, you can contact us to be oriented towards an accessible version or to get the content in an alternative format.