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How to make your own hanging sign

Here's the sign you've been waiting for.

Step 1: Cut

Cut the wood into three equal lengths, around 14 inches, using a saw.

Step 2: Drill

Mark 1.5 inches from both ends of each of the three pieces of wood, making sure that the marks line up when the pieces are stacked. Drill holes on the marks.

Step 3: Thread

Tape the barbecue stick to the rope. Using the stick, thread the rope into the holes of the stacked wooden pieces. Continue threading through to the other side, leaving about 20 inches of rope in the middle, for hanging.

Step 4: Apply

Apply Bostik No More Nails on the parts of the wooden pieces facing each other. Stack, stick, and tightly hold the pieces together using a clamp or rope. Unclamp or unwind after 30 minutes.

Step 5: Wrap

Knot the ends of the rope at the bottom, and cut off excess. Wrap the tips of the knots with tape to prevent unraveling.

Step 6: Spell out

For the word PEACE, cut the letters out of old cardboard. You can cut freehand, or trace and draw each letter first before cutting. You can also use other sturdy boards in lieu of cardboards.

Step 7: Paint

Paint the cardboard letters. Let dry. Stick the letters onto the wood using Bostik No More Nails. Place a heavy weight on the letters to help them adhere.

Step 8: Hang

Hang on your door or anywhere in your home!