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How to make a stool with No More Nails

Help dad organize his trusty tools or display his collectibles with this cool, DIY stool!

Step 1: Measure

Measure 12–15 inches on the flat wooden palette. Cut with an electric or regular saw.

Step 2: Mark

Lay the flat wood horizontally. Measure 1 inch from each side and 3/4 inch from the top. Mark where you will drill holes, which should be the same size as your hole saw (32 mm).

Step 3: Chisel away

For the stool’s legs, measure 5 inches each on the 2 x 2 wood. Using a saw, cut the wood at a slight angle. Match the height of the round peg with the thickness of your flat wood. Be sure to use a bigger-sized hole saw (38 mm). Chisel away at the wood around the round peg.

Step 4: Plug in

Put Bostik No More Nails all over the round pegs of the stool’s legs. Plug the legs into the holes, slightly slanted outward.

Step 5: Sand down

Sand down rough areas and paint the stool, or keep it rustic.

Step 6: Liven up

Use the stool for dad’s stuff.