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How to create your own decorative magnetic board

Want to hide an eyesore on your wall? This Bostik No More Nails magnetic board got you covered!

Step 1: Measure

Measure the wooden pieces and cut them down to 33 cm and 17 cm, two pieces each.

Step 2: Put together

Put the wooden pieces together using Bostik No More Nails to make the frame for your board.

Step 3: Cut

Measure 18 cm x 28 cm on your cloth and cut.

Step 4: Cover

Using the double-sided tape, cover the metal sheet with the cloth, making sure the cloth is at the center of the sheet.

Step 5: Assemble

Place the wooden frame on the metal sheet using Bostik No More Nails.

Step 6: Apply

Apply Bostik No More Nails on the back of the board so you can stick it on the wall.

Step 7: Stick

Stick it on the wall, on the spot you want to conceal. With those cute travel magnets framed, there’s no more eyesore with No More Nails!