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Fancy a change in your home interior but lacking inspiration? With our quick and easy ideas, you can transform your space in a creative way and, most importantly, without spending a lot.

Display your own gemstone collection, create a beautiful garland to set a cosy mood in your bedroom, or decorate a wall with a collage of photos from your latest trip. These are just a few of the decorations you can create with Blu Tack®. Get inspired!

Create your own gemstone collection

Do you like collecting gems? Instead of storing them at the bottom of a drawer, why not create an eye catching display?

To do this, you’ll need:

  • A marble stand or a large decorative plate
  • Collection of stones
  • The original reusable adhesive, Blu Tack®

Before you start the creative part of the task, make sure the base and stones are cleaned of dust and any grease. Also make sure the surface you are working on, such as a table or a desk, is clean and flat.

Next, peel off a suitable amount of adhesive tack and activate it by pulling and stretching.

Then, roll it into a ball and divide into smaller balls. You need to make as many small balls of Blu Tack® as there are gem stones.

Place your Blu Tack® balls on the decorative plate and press your stones firmly on top to secure in place.

Your gemstone display is ready for the arrival of your next guests!

Dreaming of a new room decoration? Discover how to make a beautiful garland

Are you bored with the interior of your room? Want to make it cosier? It’s easy! Create an inexpensive and beautiful decoration perfectly in line with current trends: a garland. It’s sure to add a new, unique dimension to your interior!

All you need to create a decorative garland is:

  • Favourite, colourful decorative motifs, for example butterflies, stars, flowers or other patterns cut out of paper
  • Light garland
  • The original reusable adhesive, Blu Tack®

If you have chosen a decorative paper motif, remember that you can create different patterns yourself and use several types of paper for better effect.

To decorate the garland, peel off enough Blu Tack® and roll it in your hands, stretching and pulling, to activate it.

Then roll your Blu Tack® into a ball and divide it into smaller balls.

Place the balls on the decorative motifs of your choice and attach them to the light garland.

Child's play, isn't it? You can also involve your children or friends in the making of the garland as a fun way to spend time together.

The garland will undoubtedly emphasise the cosiness of the interior. It's a great room decoration that you can very easily adapt to the occasion or the season. So turn down the lights and enjoy the magic of your beautiful new garland!

Awaken the artist within you!

How about creating works of art like a real artist? Enrich your interior with original artwork to ‘wow’ your guests.

For this craft idea, you will need:

  • Rolling pin
  • Round cake cutters
  • A base to display the work
  • The original reusable adhesive, Blu Tack®
  • Modelling mat

Prepare a clean and dry surface, which will serve as an artistic workshop. A table, desk or any other flat surface will be suitable for this. We also recommend the use of a modelling mat to prevent any dirt affecting your masterpiece.

Peel off an appropriate amount of Blu Tack® and form it into a ball in your hands. Roll out the adhesive and then, using the cutters you prepared earlier, cut at least six circles of the same diameter from the tack.

Arrange your Blu Tack® circles into a horizontal line, overlapping them slightly, then press down lightly to join them together.

Then, use your fingers to roll them together to create a spiral.

To transform the spiral into a flower form, roll the petals inwards on one side and roll them outwards on the other side.

Finally, place your Blu Tack® flower on your chosen base. Gently press down so that the adhesive adheres to the surface.

Ta-da! You’ve created an original Blu Tack® flower sculpture, a perfect decoration for your table or desk.

Open your own art gallery!

With Blu Tack®, the original reusable adhesive, you can also create your own art gallery. Simply use balls of Blu Tack® to attach your favourite postcards or photos to a framed board. You can cut your pictures in different shapes to express your creativity.

With the help of Blu Tack®, attaching small decorative elements to the wall such as frames, becomes extremely easy. Plus, with Blu Tack® you can easily change their positions wherever and whenever you’d like, without damaging the walls.

Blu Tack® putty is also a great solution for hanging drawings in a child's room, creating a collage, displaying your favourite posters or decorating your fridge, cabinets or doors.

Fixing to the wall has never been easier!

Blu Tack® is the original reusable adhesive putty that is an excellent alternative to pins, nails or tape. It’s ideally suited for permanent or temporary fixing of various materials on a range of surfaces. It’s available as rectangular strips protected by sheets of paper and is extremely durable, working well at home, in the office or at school.

Millions of customers use Blu Tack® as an alternative solution if fixing to the wall with nails or tape is not an option.

Thanks to its smart technology, Blu Tack® will stimulate your creativity, all based on a simple principle: Attach! Fit! And you’re done!