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The new generation of super glues 2.0, Bostik Fix & Glue.

You dropped a glass… and crack! It's broken. Don't throw it away, nothing is completely irreparable. Especially for a #REPAIRHERO like you! Bostik Fix & Glue is ideal for repairing broken glass - here's how!

Don’t bin it, fix it and become an everyday #REPAIRHERO!

Step 1: Clean the area to be glued

The area to be repaired must be clean, dry and free from grease. This will ensure the best bond possible.

Step 2: Apply Bostik Fix & Glue to the glass

Place a drop of glue on the broken part. Thanks to its clear formulation, Bostik Fix & Glue is ideal for glass repair and precise bonding.

Step 3: Press together

Lightly press the parts to be glued against each other to form an instant bond.

Step 4: Let the glue set

Bostik Fix & Glue dries quickly to ensure an ultra-solid and long-lasting bond.

Step 5: The glass is fixed

Thanks to Bostik Fix & Glue, you're a #REPAIRHERO! In a few minutes, you've repaired the broken glass.