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11/11/2020 - News


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Meet our new range of Clag® products

For years, we’ve had enquiries from customers about looking at the shape of our much-loved Glu Stiks – how could we alter it so kids could get right into the corners of a page?

As we thought about this, we realised different shapes could offer additional benefits to children. When kids begin learning to write, there are triangular shaped pencils or pencil grips to help them learn to hold the pencil in their hand effectively. By making sticks that are triangular, we’re able to solve two problems at once!

This process encouraged us to look at our early learning products as a whole. We identified that our much-loved heritage brand, Clag®, was the perfect banner for an introductory product range suited to little ones developing their skills through cut and paste activities. You’ll now find a collection of triangular and standard shaped glue sticks, as well as our long-standing Clag® products, available for hours of creativity and learning.

You can check out our latest products below