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06/08/2021 - Blogs


When you’ve got a Bostik Hot Melt Glue Gun in your home, you’re ready for anything; whether you need to repair a favourite piece of pottery, help your child with a school craft project, or perhaps express yourself with something artistic.

Check out these ultra-simple ideas for some inspiring new ways to use your Bostik Hot Melt Glue Gun.

ART GLUE GUN IDEA: Personalise your mail

Create a beautiful and unique adornment for special cards and invitations by placing a dried flower or two onto the flap of a sealed envelope. Then place a generous blob of glue over the flower and press it down with a metal wax stamp. You’ve just made your mark on something!

CRAFT GLUE GUN IDEA: Colour the rainbow

Get playful with your glue gun. Choose a selection of your favourite shades of colouring pencils and carefully position them in a row. Use a Bostik Hot Melt Glue Gun to place two or three lines of glue across the row of pencils to join them – going back and forth to create thick lines of glue. Once dry, start drawing with your pencils to create some multi-coloured fun!

ART GLUE GUN IDEA: Create a collage canvas

Take a small, square canvas and whatever materials inspire you; it might be colourful pom poms, buttons or ribbons, or natural materials like tiny shells, dried flowers or leaves. Spend a little time arranging them on the canvas and then lift each one to add a dot of glue to the canvas underneath from your Bostik Hot Melt Glue Gun. Press each object into place, and voila - your very own miniature work of art!


There are so many different ways to bring things to life with a Bostik Hot Glue Gun. More ideas include:


  • Making a fascinator for the races
  • Creating a bespoke accessory by adding gems or jewels to plain bag 
  • Adding flair to your thongs with fabric or a scarf
  • Sticking dried flowers to branches to achieve a more decorative look for your home

The possibilities are almost endless!