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12/03/2021 - Blogs


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Blu Tack® has countless uses besides being able to hold posters on walls!


Did you know Bostik Blu Tack® was originally developed in 1969 in the UK as an accidental by-product of an attempt to develop a new sealant using chalk powder, rubber, and oil?

It was originally white, but there were concerns that kids might mistake it for chewing gum, so blue colouring was added - giving it its household name!

Blu Tack® arrived in Australia not long after it's creation, and has been made at our Thomastown plant in Victoria, Australia since 1979.

Besides being able to hold posters up, our humble reusable adhesive has more to offer than meets the eye. Check out some of our top Blu Tack® Hacks below.


Blu Tack® to the rescue! There are so many ways to make life easier with a little bit of tack.

Win at life with these ideas:

  • Secure cords and desk accessories on surfaces
  • Keep your chopping board stable
  • Erase grey lead pencil with a small ball of Blu Tack®
  • Balance out uneven table surfaces
  • Replacing lost caps on ointments and glues 


While you are Marie Kondo’ing your house, Blu Tack® can help you clean and organise the items that still spark your joy. Some handy tricks include:

  • Removing pet hair and fluff from clothing
  • Cleaning keyboards 
  • Keeping straps in place on coat hangers
  • Straightening and securing crooked artwork
  • MYO stress ball

As the ultimate cleaning accessory, we love this hack where Blu Tack® keeps the outlet of the gas bottle free from dust and bugs during winter.

Our most filthy of hacks though, is cleaning headphones. The malleability of Blu Tack® allows it to get right into the corners and pull out the earwax and fluff – not for the faint hearted (or stomached)!


Blu Tack® is the cheapest babysitter! With 5 colours in our Blu Tack® Colour pack, you can mould for hours. 

Find some awesome crafts involving our iconic product here, such as:

  • Making Monsters
  • Bringing the Bostik mascot, Gary the Gecko, to life
  • Building houses and other structures

Do you have a Blu Tack® Hack? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram via the #BluTackHacks tag so we can share it!