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04/01/2022 - News



Starting a new year can be a big adjustment for both kids and parents, so a little planning before school starts can go a long way. Take the stress out of the experience with our Top 5 Tips to get back to school.

1. Get back into your routine. It’s a good idea to start getting back to normal about a week out from school starting. From bedtimes to mealtimes, finding the rhythm of a daily routine will ensure the return to school isn’t as stressful.

2. Get off the computer and get the remote back. Over summer, kids tend to maximize their screen time, playing games and watching TV. It can be hard to adjust once they return to school and have to spend the day learning, so ease them into it by encouraging them to read, craft, or play quietly instead.

3. Get organized. Set up a ‘school station’ at home where homework can be done, and permission slips and other school-related paperwork can be stored, and designate a time for homework to be done each day. Plan how they’re getting to and from school, and if they need after-school care. Visit your doctor for a checkup and ask about the best ways to stay healthy during the school year.

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4. Get the info you need. Schools provide a lot of information about your child’s new teacher, important dates to remember, emergency forms, transportation options, and more. Make sure that you read and understand everything, noting the important dates in your calendar for the year.

5. Get their school supplies together. Fill your child with excitement about starting a new grade by taking them with you when shopping for supplies. Allow them to choose their own items where possible to empower them with a little responsibility – they’ll be more likely to use it if they actually like it!

A little bit of preparation and organisation will go a long way, making the transition into the school year easier than you imagined.