Celebrating 53 years of Blu Tack®

2023-05-31 - News

Created in an English laboratory during an attempt to originally develop a new sealant, Blu Tack® reusable adhesive has become a mainstay of Bostik’s stationery and craft ranges with over 250 million packs sold worldwide since its launch in 1970.

The key to the sticky substance’s success is the fact it’s reusable, making it an ideal alternative to drawing pins and sticky tape, with thousands of other uses around the home, office and school... in fact almost anywhere. It’s also clean to use and non-toxic, making it safe for all the family.

At concept stage, Blu Tack® reusable adhesive was white. It was then that consumer research revealed concerns that this new tack may be mistaken for confectionery by children. Bostik therefore turned its tack blue, and that’s remained its distinguishable colour ever since.

The product was launched in early 1970 into a market with no knowledge of reusable ‘putty like’ adhesives.

"The initial reaction was poor due to the lack of awareness of the product’s potential uses. Through TV advertising and word of mouth, the product quickly entered the growth phase of its life cycle."


Within ten years of its launch, Blu Tack® reusable adhesive had become a household name.

"More than a product, Blu Tack® reusable adhesive is a heritage brand for Bostik. It illustrates our philosophy of creating smart adhesives for consumers that are multi-functional, easy-to-use and for all kinds of creativity."


Nowadays, Blu Tack® also comes in multiple colours, and is made in both Australia and the United Kingdom. 

Here's to 53 years of everyone's favourite reusable adhesive, and many more to come!