Sweet treats

Follow our easy guide to this craft, using buttons and Blu TackĀ® šŸ­Ā 

Ideal for crafters of all ages, offers a creative and enjoyable way to add a playful touch to your day. Whether you're looking to engage in a fun activity with children or just want to relax and create on your own, this project is sure to inspire and delight. Let's get crafting and brighten up your day with these sweet creations!Ā 

This project was made by our Bostik Buddy, Sonia - follow her on Instagram!


STEP 1: Get ready

Gather your supplies and find a space to work.Ā 

STEP 2: Drawing the lollies

Draw various lollie wrappers on the rectangle paper bag. Make sure the colours, patterns, and sizes correspond with the buttons youā€™re using.

STEP 3: Match the button centres

Using Bostik Blu TackĀ®, attach the button to its matching lollie wrapper.Ā 

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