Smart cookie

This playful project combines art with a dash of imagination, guiding you through creating cookie-shaped crafts from everyday materials. Perfect for a family crafting day or a classroom activity, this tutorial will not only foster creativity but also provide a delightful way to engage with simple, fun crafts. Gear up to cut, paste, and decorate as you make your own batch of adorable paper cookies. Let’s get started and enjoy a tasty twist on crafting!


STEP 1: Ready your cookie bases

Trace your cookie cutter shapes onto the recycled cardboard. Cut these shapes out.

For heart cookies trace a smaller heart inside; either by using a smaller cookie cutter heart or by measuring and drawing a smaller one. Cut around the outside and the inside.

STEP 2: Prepare the icing

Measure and draw smaller star/s on the white paper. Cut these out - this will be the cookie icing.

STEP 3: Thicken the cookies

Glue the cotton balls onto the cookie bases using Bostik Blu Stik

STEP 4: Prep the cookie covers

Roughly trace around the cookies on the brown packing paper. Cut these out.

For the heart shape, the brown packing paper should be cut with a very small window inside and then cut vertically in half. 

STEP 5: Glue together

Glue the brown packing paper onto the cookies with Blu Stik. This should be done by placing the cotton ball side of the cookie down onto the glued brown packing paper. Do this for all the shapes.

Flip the cookies around and glue the remaining brown packing paper together.

STEP 6: Decorate your cookies

Draw and cut out the choc chips on the brown craft paper. Use Blu Stik to glue the cut out choc chips onto the round cookies. 

STEP 7: Smart cookie ingredients

Write up easy and fun ingredient prompts for what qualities/actions can make Smart Cookies. These may include and are not limited to: 

A dash of . . . . 
A spoonful of . . . .
A teaspoon of . . . .
A hint of . . . .
A sprinkle of . . . .
A scoop of . . . . 
A touch of . . . . 
Mixed together with . . . . 

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