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How to repair a stemmed glass with glue

Handle one of the most common domestic incidents without stress: repairing broken glass. Thanks to the new generation of liquid super glue that generates a super strong bond and lasts over time.

Love fixing stuff, hate waste? It’s easy to repair glass with glue and become an everyday #repairhero

Over-solicited by new products at low prices, or sold as ever more efficient, we tend to lose the reflex to repair. However, throwing things away is not inevitable! Don't bin it, fix it! And become an everyday #repairhero!

You have just purchased a set of wine glasses you're in love with. Eventually, you display it at the earliest possible opportunity. But here's the thing: a clumsy guest smashes your dream by causing one of your beautiful, stemmed glasses to shatter. Don't panic! And above all, don't bin it, fix it! And become an everyday #repairhero!

As a repair hero, use your superpower to save your everyday items! And your sidekick is easily found: Bostik Super Glue Liquid is the classic all-round glue. It is a fast-curing adhesive suitable for bonding porcelain, many rubbers, most common metals, certain types of jewellery, and most plastics. It is very economical to use and provides strong bonds with high tensile strength.

How to repair a stemmed glass with Bostik Super Glue Liquid – a step by step guide

  • Step 1: Be prepared
    Place your wine glass with the mouth on a stable surface, make sure that the parts to be glued are clean and free of dust and grease.
  • Step 2: Get gluing
    Apply a small amount of superglue around the shattered stem.
  • Step 3: Assemble properly
    Take care to assemble the fragmented edges as closely as possible, and gently press both pieces of the glass onto each other for a while.
  • Step 4: Time to stick your stemmed glass
    Hold the pressure for about thirty seconds; And that’s it! You are now an official #repairhero

Everything you might need to fix a glass with glue

  • Essential: Bostik Super Glue Liquid.
  • You might also want: a cloth and acetone to remove excess glue if necessary.

Made a little mess?

  • On my skin: Rinse immediately with soap and plenty of water. Do not pull on the glued skin; it is a matter of time before the cyanoacrylate glue separates from the skin, because of humidity/sweat. The effect can be supported with soap and water or the use of oily skin lotion. When the fingers have come away from each other, scrape off the traces of dry glue.
  • On my furniture: as a test, and to avoid unpleasant surprises, rub a small, inconspicuous corner of your furniture with a cloth soaked in acetone. If the test is successful and your furniture remains intact, you can wipe the area with an acetonesoaked cloth or a nail polish remover containing acetone.

Which glue is right for you?

The Bostik Super Glue Liquid will be perfect for bonding any material in seconds, for your daily express repairs. Its new liquid formula allows you to stick large and smooth surfaces and obtain an ultra-resistant bond over time. For vertical repairs, or for porous objects, you will prefer the texture of Bostik Super Glue Gel, which prevents drips and has the same strong bonding and fast setting properties.

When to use Bostik Super Glue Liquid?

The liquid texture of Bostik Super Glue Liquid adapts perfectly to flat, extended, and smooth surfaces. Perfect for your small DIY jobs. Its precision tip will allow you to do meticulous work on small areas such as the stem of a glass, a piece of porcelain statuette to glue, or an ornament to repair