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The new generation of super glues 2.0, Bostik Fix & Glue.

Do you have a decorative object to repair? Something metal or plastic like this pendulum? Look no further than Bostik Fix & Glue, the easy-to-use solution for long-lasting repairs. This contact glue is highly effective for precise repairs on small surfaces, as well as difficult materials such as metal

Don’t bin it, fix it and become an everyday #REPAIRHERO!

Step 1: Clean the broken area

Remove the dust from the brittle parts of the area to be cleaned.

Step 2: Apply Bostik Fix & Glue

Apply a drizzle of glue on the support. The tube's nozzle allows you to control the quantity of glue for precise bonding.

Step 3: Replace the broken part

Place and lightly press the broken part. Bostik Fix & Glue is an effective contact glue that works in seconds, including on difficult materials like metal or plastic.

Step 4: Let it dry

Leave to dry. In no time at all the bond will be solid and durable.

Step 5: It's repaired

Thanks to Bostik Fix & Glue, you're a #REPAIRHERO!