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Our best home dehumidifier to eliminate moisture

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Product overview

Bostik Breathe is a small, silent, air dehumidifier, designed to absorb excess moisture in your home. It’s suitable for all internal humid spaces, including bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens, as well as within wardrobes and cupboards.

The Bostik Breathe moisture absorber is both dye-free and fragrance-free, making it the perfect choice for those wanting a natural dehumidifier. Plus, it’s reusable and largely made up of recycled materials, meaning it’s better for the planet too.

Breathe is a non-electric dehumidifier so is super simple to install. It can hold two of our moisture absorber tablets, which provides up to 33% more absorption than a standard moisture absorber that only contains one tablet.

The two-tablet system is also adjustable depending on the room size, with one tablet covering smaller spaces, and two tablets covering an area of up to 25m2.


  • An interior dehumidifier for all humid areas in the home
  • Two-tablet system provides up to 33% more absorption than a single tablet system
  • No colouring, no perfume
  • Contains recycled plastic, food industry waste and recycled cardboard
  • No electricity required
  • Compatible with our dehumidifier refill tablets
  • Refills last up to 4 months depending on the humidity level in the area
  • Features a large 1.2L tank
  • Can cover areas up to 25m2

Beige and transparent

Holds 2 x 250g refill tablets
  • Bostik DIY UK - Interior Badge
  • Bostik DIY United Kingdom Badge Odourless
  • Bostik DIY United Kingdom Badge Non toxic

Documents or Resources

Technical Data Sheet - Bostik Breathe system

Safety Data Sheet - Bostik Breathe system

Safety Data Sheet - Bostik Breathe refill tablet


Setting up your dehumidifier

Lift the lid of the dehumidifier and remove the two moisture absorber tablets provided from the upper part of the product.

Next, insert the chosen number of dehumidifier tablets by removing the tablets from their individual packaging and inserting them into the slots provided in the upper compartment.

Close the lid and the air dehumidifier will now be working.


To optimise absorption, place the Bostik Breathe dehumidifier system in an area where air circulates freely.

To avoid the risk of spillages, place the system in a place where it is not likely to be knocked over.

Refills must be replaced when fully dissolved so that the absorber can continue to function.


Consumption depends on the level of humidity in the room. Typically, the dehumidifier refills will work up to 4 months. When the refills have completely dissolved from the upper compartment, they should be replaced.

When refilling the humidity absorber, we recommend the following quantities: 2 x tablets for rooms up to 25m2, or 1 x tablet for smaller spaces.

Emptying the dehumidifier

To empty the moisture absorber, first, remove the upper compartment by gently lifting it up from the lower compartment.

Carefully empty the liquid from the lower compartment by pouring it into a sink or toilet.

Reassemble by placing the upper compartment back onto the lower compartment and it’s ready for use.


The moisture absorber can be completely dismantled for cleaning if required. We recommend washing with warm water. Once clean, reassemble as normal and it’s ready for use.


The upper compartment of the Bostik Breathe dehumidifier is made from 60% plastic and 40% scallop shells powder. The lower compartment is made of 99% recycled plastic and 1% scallop shells powder. The unit is supplied in a recycled cardboard box.

The Bostik Breathe dehumidifier refills are made from calcium chloride.

Bostik Breathe moisture absorber works by absorbing water molecules in damp air as moisture passes through the device.

Bostik Breathe is a dual tablet system providing up to 33% more absorption than the market average.

With the Bostik Breathe dehumidifier, one housing unit will cover an area of up to 25m2. Our moisture absorber is suitable for all interior spaces including bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, wardrobes, and cupboards.

It is recommended to use a moisture absorber when experiencing effects of excess moisture in the home, including condensation, black mould and mildew, as well as peeling, cracking, or blistering on interior surfaces.

Bostik Breathe is a reusable dehumidifier and will function effectively for years when regularly replaced with dehumidifier refill tablets. Refills last up to 4 months depending on the humidity levels in the area.

No - Bostik Breathe is a natural dehumidifier consisting of a dye-free, fragrance-free formula that uses only the essentials to remove moisture from the home.