How to create a handmade Mother's Day card using our printable butterfly template

For lots of us, it’s the little things in life that make us smile the most. Simple things like a message from a loved one, indulging in your favourite sweet treats, or taking a walk on a warm day. On Mother’s Day, one of the best ways to make your mum smile is a small thanks in the form of a handmade Mother’s Day card nicely paired with a box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers.

Spending the time to create your very own DIY Mother’s Day card helps to show appreciation for the day-to-day effort they give to make your life that little bit easier. So, to help you say thanks in a thoughtful, personal way, we’ve created a printable butterfly template to take your card making game to the next level.

Follow our butterfly card craft tutorial and create a personalised Mother’s Day card to remember.


Step 1: Print your butterfly card template

Print the butterfly outline template onto white card or paper – the butterflies will be the focus for this DIY Mother’s Day card.

You may want to have a couple of spare templates in case of mistakes.

Step 2: Colour in each butterfly

Neatly colour in each butterfly as desired using paints, pencils and pens, Glitter Glu or similar.

We recommend painting activities to include marbling, finger/potato painting, mirroring, making different strokes using a paintbrush, bubble or blow painting.


Using different techniques and a range of colours in the butterfly card craft will help to achieve a unique and colourful creation.

Step 3: Cut out each butterfly

Once dry, carefully cut out each butterfly along the bold black lines and fold in half.

Step 4: Stick your butterflies together

Apply Blu Glu Stick along the crease of the fold in the centre of the largest butterfly. Attach the butterfly to the middle of a piece of folded A4 coloured card so its wings pop-out from the card.

Then, on top of the largest butterfly, use Blu Glu Stick to attach the medium sized butterfly. Once this is secure, attach the smallest butterfly in the same way to bring a 3D effect to the Mother's Day card.

Step 5: Decorate your 3D butterfly

Decorate your butterfly card as desired. This could include adding glitter to the butterfly’s wings, drawing on some antennae or creating them using pipe cleaners, and using Blu Glu Stick to embellish the butterfly with buttons or sequins.


Enhance your handmade Mother's Day card by sticking some craft embellishments with Foam Pads. Foam Pads easily create 3D effects, making your butterfly spring into life.

Step 6: Your handmade Mother's Day card is done

Ta-da! You've used our butterfly card template to create a unique handmade Mother's Day card.

Don't forget to write your message and tell your mum just how special she is!


Parents, encourage your little ones to focus on correct spelling, neat handwriting and the use of capital letters and proper nouns.

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