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Sun Mirror | DIY BOSTIK

Create your own sun mirror with Bostik Fix & Flash glue to brighten your home!

Step 1 : Indicate the center

On the back of the mirror, indicate the center with a marker.

Make two circles 2-3 centimetres apart using your compass or two glasses of different sizes. These circles will be used as markers for the skewers

Step 2 : Glue skewers

Glue each skewer to the back of the mirror evenly with Fix & Flash, shining the light to set the glue.

Step 3 : Gold spray

Place it on newspaper or a large paper tablecloth. Cut a paper circle and cover the mirror to protect it. Spray the gold spray paint onto the mirror and the skewers, from about 30cm away.


To create a simple hook, use the small tab from a beverage can. Fold and glue one side to the back of the mirror, using Fix & Flash.