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How to make a plant frame in 5 steps

Does your house feel empty? Would you like to bring some life to your living room? No Problem! Shake my blog has created the perfect tutorials, discover how to create pretty plant frames for your walls with Fix & Flash glue.

Step 1 : Prepare

Disclaimer: We have launched a new and improved version of Fix & Flash. Please note this guide was created using the previous model but is still suitable for the new version. Browse the new Fix & Flash today.

If you are using a recycled or broken frame you already had, you will need to repair your frame in order to paint it. To do this, apply a little Fix & Flash glue to the broken part. Then hold the glued parts together for 5 seconds to allow an initial tack. Then turn on the light and flash it one the applied glue for 15 seconds.

Step 2 : Paint

Paint your frame with black paint or any other colours you like.

Fix & Flash glue can be sanded and painted!

Step 3 : Attach cord

You can then attach the cord with Bostik Fix & Flash glue.

Step 4 : Finish up

All you have to do is place the first window on your frame and place a pretty leaf on it.

Finally, cover it with a second glass to keep your leaves in place.

Step 5 : Hang

Hang up your new plant frames in your home.

They will be perfect to decorate walls that are a little too empty. You can also place them on a chest of drawers.

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