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Mess free glue stick that dries clear

Product overview

Bostik Glu Stik is a solvent free, non-toxic, easy to apply and use general purpose adhesive for the classroom and home. This mess-free glue stick glides on clear and smoothly and dries clear.




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Product Details

  • Glu Stik is a non-toxic, non-harmful adhesive and is safe for the whole family to use
  • Its solvent free, which is kinder to the environment
  • Because it’s acid free, it doesn’t yellow or corrode materials the materials you are gluing
  • Non wrinkle formula
  • It’s free from food ingredients such as wheat, gluten, flour, eggs or nut products. It does contain corn starch. Repeated or prolonged contact may cause an allergic reaction in some susceptible persons.
  • To apply remove the protective cap. Turn base clockwise until glue protrudes (only expose a little glue for use). When finished, turn base anti-clockwise to retract glue, and always ensure you recap when not in use.
  • The initial grab time for our stiks is approx. 20 – 40 seconds. This can vary with the amount of glue applied, the temperature & humidity conditions at the time, and the porosity of the substrate. The time to form a bond where you start to get paper tear when peeling the pieces apart is about 5 minutes. Complete drying or cure time is approx. an hour.
  • To store, pop the Glu Stik in a cool (between 5°C to 30°C), dry place, out of direct sunlight. Shelf life is 2 years from the date of manufacture when stored as directed.

Recommended Uses

Glu Stik can be used to bond on paper, cardboard and fabric. Ideal for scrapbooks, cut and paste activities, school projects, paper craft, creating invitations, arts and craft projects and dry mounting photograph. For best performance, surfaces must be clean and dry, and free from loose materials.

Available in a variety of sizes and packs to meet your crafting needs – 8g, 21g and 35g. After a colour? Glu Stik is also available in a blue colour, so you know where you have applied the glue, meaning less mess and less wastage on your art & craft projects.