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Join the Party: Tacky Celebrates 53 Years of Tacktastic Performance

This year marks the 53rd birthday of Tacky! In celebration of Tacky’s birthday, we are launching a campaign to get people to share their most creative uses of Blu Tack. The possibilities are endless, and we want to showcase just how creative and innovative people can be with our product!

The "#StickItWithTacky" campaign invites people from all walks of life to share their most inventive and unique applications of Blu Tack. Whether it's a practical use for organizing a workspace or a fun art project, we want to see it all.

Participants can submit their ideas through social media using the hashtag #StickItWithTacky, and we will feature the best submissions on our website and social media pages. We will also be giving away prizes for our most innovative video submitted! So stay tuned for more information!

Note: Make sure the account is not set to private so that we may see all of your creative ideas and select winners.