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Complete with tutu and shoe templates, this simple Glu Stik craft is sure to delight any mini ballerina


Print the template and find a clean surface to work on. Make sure you have everything you need.


Take one of the icy pole sticks and break it in half. Use the Clag Kids PVA to glue it half way up and at an angle to the other icy pole stick. Leave to dry.


Loosely cut out the ballet shoes, hair, face and tutu from the template. Use the Glu Stik to glue them to your chosen colour card. You should have one colour for the hair, one for the face and one for the tutu and ballet shoes. Cut them out from the template.


Using the Glu Stik, stick the hair to the face, then draw on a face using the markers. Use the Clag Kids PVA to glue on the head, tutu and ballet shoes to the icy pole sticks


Draw on a cross above the shoes with the coloured markers. Make the arms by wrapping a pipe cleaner around the stick, from front to back, twisting the ends together to keep it in place. Decorate the shoes, hair and tutu with the Glitter Glue. Leave to dry.