A high pressure brush grade solvent based welding adhesive formulated to provide a strong joint and seal, when joining rigid PVC pipes and fittings.




Features & benefits

PVC Weld is suitable for all close fitting PVC pipes e.g. high pressure pipes such as irrigation and swimming pool pipes, outlet pipes, drinkwater pipes, gas pipes, sewage pipes, industrial pipes, cable conduits, PVC gutters, PVC and ABS connections, etc. It meets the requirements of SABS 966-1:2000 Class 9 pipes and fittings (9 bar pressure) and is suitable for both low and high pressure applications. It has excellent adhesion to rigid PVC plastics and ABS connections. Once assembled, the bond rapidly builds up strength, enabling units to be put into service with minimum delay. Contains solubilized PVC particles to aid in bond formation and gap filling, where pipes and fittings are not completely tight fitting.

Not suitable for soft and flexible PVC. Will not adhere to some plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene.

Downloads & resources

Bostik DIY South Africa Repair - PVC Weld Technical Data Sheet (285.27 KB)

Bostik DIY South Africa Repair - PVC Weld Safety Data Sheet (194.41 KB)

How to use

  • Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from all loose materials, dust, dirt, oil, rust and any other contaminants. Joints must be close fitting. Deburr both inner and outer surfaces to be bonded. Lightly abrade the surfaces to be bonded with sandpaper and degrease with a suitable solvent such as acetone or thinners. Poor surface preparation may result in bond failure.
  • Apply adhesive to both surfaces i.e. pipe and fitting.
  • Push the two parts to the full depth of the joint without twisting.
  • Hold for 1 minute and clean off excess adhesive.
  • Allow 30 minutes before handling. Allow 4 hours before putting into service for low pressure applications, and 24 hours for high pressure applications.
  • Setting times may be slower in cold conditions.


How do I clean my applicator tools?

Wet and dried adhesive on applicator tools can be cleaned with acetone, thinners or parrafin. Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet of the specific product for more information.

How do I store my adhesive?

Most adhesives have a shelf life of at least 12 months if stored in a cool (below 25°C), dry place in its original moisture-tight container. If the material is kept beyond the recommended shelf life, it is not necessarily unusable, but a check should be performed to observe whether the product is still workable, apply-able and uncured.

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