White glue stick that provides a quick, clean and accurate way to glue paper, cardboard and photos.



3 x 25g

Features & benefits

Bostik Glue Stick is a quick sticking, non-wrinkle glue stick, which is excellent for use at school, in the office and at home. This solvent free, easy to use glue stick is non-toxic and safe for children. It is ideal for sticking most paper materials including card, crepe and tissue paper, foil, cellophane, photographs and much more! Also ideal for home, office and school homework, where it can be used for art & craft projects, scrapbooking, photo albums, school projects, handicraft and decorative work, greeting cards, invitations and paper decorations. Bonds to most porous materials like card, crepe, tissue paper, photocopy paper, foil, cellophane, photographic paper and cork.

The Bostik Glue Stick can be applied smoothly and evenly and gives you enough time to reposition the object. For best results apply twice before sticking substrates together.

Technical information

Bostik DIY South Africa Create - Glue Stick Technical Data Sheet (422.33 KB)

Bostik DIY South Africa Create - Glue Stick Safety Data Sheet.pdf (72.72 KB)

How to use

  • Ensure that surfaces are clean and dry.
  • Remove cap and turn the base to extend the glue.
  • Apply two lines of glue with firm, even strokes to one surface and press firmly together.
  • For a stronger bond, apply glue to both surfaces. Replace cap after use, to prevent glue from drying out.


Are Glue Sticks toxic or harmful to children?

No. All our glue sticks are solvent free and non-toxic which makes it safe for children.

Can I use Glue Stick on plastic?

No. Glue Sticks does not stick to plastics.

How do I clean Excess Glue Stick from my furniture or table

Excess glue stick adhesive can be cleaned with warm soapy water.

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